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Ecofishers was formed during 2008 in response to sustained pressure on the Government by anti fishing extremist green groups to declare marine parks including no go sanctuary zones along over 30% of the east coast of Australia.

To this day there is still no local peer reviewed independent scientific evidence showing that locking out recreational fishers from any area of NSW coastline is going to improve the overall health of our fishery.

Any evidence put forward most notably by the National Parks Association and the Nature Conservation Council quote studies done overseas highlighting especially poorly managed fisheries that had developed severe problems unique to their area and therefore have no relevance in Australia.

Ecofishers continue to fight against these the destructive policies of these well-funded minority groups wanting to do what they did to terrestrial National Parks…………. “Lock It Up and Leave.!

Ecofishers have a simple philosophy…………..

The Voice of the Recreational Fisher .!

Ecofishers don’t run competitions.  Ecofishers don’t keep Australian records.  Ecofishers don’t arrange cheap insurance.

Ecofishers is run by volunteers without any Government funding with the sole purpose of representing the interests of NSW recreational anglers at all levels of Government and other bureaucracies. Not saying we wouldn’t like some Government funding but not if it means we have to toe the Fisheries line on important issues.

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Member’s details collected by Ecofishers are used only for internal administration and communication purposes and are not revealed to any other organisation or used for other communications by Ecofishers.


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